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Antelopes impressive season comes to a close

Courtesy of 806 HSSC Media’s Jason Pearson

By: Elizabeth Tanner

AT&T STADIUM ARLINGTON, TX – In a history making game, the Post Antelopes lost to the Refugio Bobcats 28-7 on Wednesday, December 18.

The Antelopes began the State Championship game strong with Ashton Jefferson intercepting the ball and making the first touchdown of the night all within the first quarter. However, the Bobcats made a touchdown of their own in the second quarter tying the game before halftime.

“We just got to keep doing what we are doing,” Head Coach Michael Pittman shared with Fox Sports News.

After halftime, the Antelopes struggled to break through the Bobcats’ strong defensive line giving Refugio the upper hand.

“We just couldn’t get into the rhythm we needed,” Pittman shared with 806 HSSC Media.

The Bobcats proceeded to make an additional touchdown in the third quarter and a pair in the fourth winning them the State Championship title.

“We played hard, and I knew we would,” Coach Pittman said. “Our kids always play hard.”

Although the Antelopes lost, they didn’t feel defeated. “It’s nothing to hang our heads about,” Coach Pittman said. In fact, Michael Pittman couldn’t feel prouder of his team.
“I love you, I’m proud of you, and I wouldn’t trade you

for the world,” Coach Pittman could be heard saying in the post-game huddle. “We belong here.”

Michael Pittman’s son and Post’s quarterback, Slayden Pittman, is also proud of the team’s work.

“Hard work does pay off,” he told 806 HSSC Media’s Jason Pearson.

Slayden also appreciates all the fans’ devoted support.

“It was fun to see the crowd,” he said. “It seemed like the whole town was here.”

After going from a 4 to 15-win season with a predominantly junior team, the Antelopes expect to see State again.

“We made it to the big stages,” Slayden said. “We’ll be back next year.”

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