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Riker advances to State

The regional powerlifting qualifiers at the meet in Sundown on Saturday, March 14, 2020. Back row, L-R: Taye Perez, Cole Boren, Javen Diaz, Chris Jackson. Front: Brennan Riker. (Courtesy Photo)

Saturday, March 14, Cole Boren, Javen Diaz, Chris Jackson, Taye Perez and Brennan Riker competed in the Boys’ Powerlifting Regional Meet in Sundown.

“Waking up early and going to the weight room is not for everyone,” Coach William Pevey said. “It takes dedication and mental toughness. These guys proved that they had both and it paid off. Making it to the Regional Powerlifting Meet is hard to do.”

Medalists Brennan Riker and Cole Boren. Riker received first in the 123-weight class and Boren received fifth in the 220-weight class. (Courtesy Photo)

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