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Early Voting caps with 46.48% of Garza County voters casting ballots

By Elizabeth Tanner/The Post Dispatch—

Editor’s note: Check back next
week, Nov. 11, for the official
Nov. 3 election results.

Early voting for the Nov.
3 General Election finished
strong with 46.48-percent
of Garza County’s registered
2,681 voters casting in-person
and mail-in ballots, according
to data recorded by
County Clerk Jim Plummer.

Out of the 1,246 early voters,
116 casted their vote by
mail-in ballot and 1,130 casted
their vote in-person.

The first day of early voting,
Oct. 13, still remains
Plummer’s busiest day of the
2020 early voting period with
141 in-person votes cast.
In fact, the average daily
turnout for this election has
been 80 voters a day.

In 2020, early voting
numbers have increased by
16.34-percent since 2008,
27.93-percent since 2012 and
47.46-percent since 2016.

Plummer accredits this
year’s high turnout to the fact
that there are 14 days of early
voting in 2020 opposed to the
previous early voting period
of 10 days in the 2016, 2012
and 2008 General Election.

“The turnout has been
impressive and refreshing,”
Plummer said.

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