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County approves funds for water crossing repairs east of Southland

Garza County Commissioners met Monday morning and voted to approve using funds from the Motor Vehicle Registration $5 fee for repairs to the water crossing east of Southland.

Pct.1 Commissioner Jeff Williams told the court “After the recent rains the crossing has continued to worsen, to point people cannot get out. We are having more and more water come down through the creek causing problems for the residents in the area.

Pct 3 Commissioner Ted Brannon agreed with Williams saying, “The crossing has at least four feet of sand, making it impossible to cross.”

Williams told the court he had drone fly the area to identify the exact problem and will be getting estimates on the repairs, keeping the court informed of the work. Pct. 1 and Pct. 3 share a boundary line and Commissioner Brannon offered his help with the repairs.

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