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Garza County community mourns loss of longtime constable

Daniel Yarbro

The Garza County community has said a sudden heartbreaking goodbye to longtime Garza County Constable Daniel Yarbro who died of a heart attack on Saturday night.

Yarbro took the office of Constable Pct 1 on January 1, 1997, after winning a landslide victory over two opponents.   He had made the decision to not seek re-election in 2020, officially retiring on December 31,2020 after serving six full terms.

Daniel lived his life by his favorite quote, “Your childhood should not be a crutch for the person you become”.  His childhood was not the easiest with his father being killed in an accident when he was 12 years old. He often credited Ted Tatum, Morris and Bonnie Tyler helping him through high school. For this reason he never turned a child away. He also never knew the word “no”, whether it meant feeding kids ice cream in the middle of the night or giving every child their own toys.

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