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Commissioners have challenges as they work on new budgets

Garza County Commissioners were presented with the appraisal roll and anticipated collection rate from the Tax Assessor/Collector Nancy Wallace.  The 2020 certified Net Taxable Value is $444,343,359.  Wallace has submitted worksheets to Texas Comptroller Office to verify the tax rate for the upcoming fiscal year.

The county will face $3 million less in taxable values this year Judge Norman explained to commissioners during a budget workshop held on July 26.  Norman is confident the jail inmate revenue will increase this year.

He told the court the county received $102.9 million from The American Rescue Plan and is available to cover pandemic related expenses and essential personnel.

However, because the federal government has not yet finalized guidelines for spending these funds.  Any of the money that is spent incorrectly would have to paid back to the federal government with interest added.

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