Post Antelopes Continue Their Winning Streak

Photos by Rylee Jenkins   The Post Bold Gold Antelopes faced the Hale Center Owls on October 11th for a blitzing game. By the end of the first quarter, the Antelopes had shut out the owls with a score of 29-0,… For more on this story, read The Post Dispatch  this week, or subscribe to…

Antelope’s Volleyball sweep Wellman and Rotan in district

  Photos by Rylee Jenkins Tuesday night Post Volleyball traveled to Wellman union. The program swept WU winning both JH games and both HS games. For more on this story, read The Post Dispatch  this week, or subscribe to the pdf version online.  ©Copyright 2019 The Post Dispatch.

Book signing

  Author and Texas Tech associate professor of the Department of Design, Don W. Collier M.F.A, held a book signing at the Heritage House on Saturday, October 12, … For more on this story, read The Post Dispatch  this week, or subscribe to the pdf version online.  ©Copyright 2019 The Post Dispatch.

School and Sports News (Fall)

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From My Desk by Kendall McCullough

Gratitude Laughter, smiling faces, running bodies, mass of arms and hands reaching to hug and touch our skin. This is what I remember the most about Africa. The children were orphans. Left by parents dying of AIDS, too poor to take care of them, strung out on drugs, killed by tribal violence, or many of…

Nancy’s Notions

Can You Retrain Your Brain? Mike wrote a list and checked it twice. This time he was going to kill it: • Make a healthy snack • Go to the gym • Don’t waste time on cell phone • Read a classic novel • Housetrain Rex Twenty-four hours later, Mike munched celery sticks while reading…

The 501 by Hanaba Munn Welch

The five-quarter game A new era begins. Grandson Cutter is playing football. He’s not big enough to play football. But neither are his teammates. OK, a few of them look rather weighty, including the somewhat-muscled star running back who played on the opposing team at the last game. Slender Cutter made a spectacular tackle by…


Be kind to everyone America is tearing itself apart — over everything. Politics. Cultural issues. Economics. Foreign policy. Social justice. Everything is put through that prism, and for some, the issues we are confronting today are simply irreconcilable, and define every single aspect of our existence, including who we are allowed to keep company with—even…

Peggy’s Corner

By Post Public Library Staff_ “The Girl Who Reads on the Métro” by Christine Féret-Fleury This book is a joy to read from start to finish. An ode to booklovers everywhere, this gem of a book follows Juliette as she rides the Paris metro to and from work and muses about her fellow passengers and…

Devo by Jose Limas

What is my purpose? Genesis 2:15 NIV “The Lord God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and take care of it.” Many people are frustrated because year after year they can’t seem to be able to “FIND” their purpose. The truth is, purpose is not something you…

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